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Hiroshima-Salon Online started!

Hiroshima Salon Online – Episode 1
‘Sister cities and world peace’

Guest: Herbert Schmalstieg


Sachiko plays in Salzburg!

Sachiko plays in ‘Richard the King’ in Salzburg Festspiele 2021, co-produktion with Deutsche Schauspielhaus Hamburg.

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Premiere postponed

The premiere of two pieces J’accuse! by René Pollesch and
Die Räuber der Herzen (The Robbers of Hearts) by Bonn Park have been postponed to the next season.

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Season 2020/21

Sachiko Hara is back as part of the ensemble of Schauspielhaus Hamburg.
The new play ‘Die Räuber der Herzen‘ has its premiere on November 06, 2020!
The premiere was postponed due to the November lockdown. The new premiere date is not yet known.

Die Räuber der Herzen
[The Robbers of Hearts]

by Bonn Park based on Friedrich Schiller
Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg

(Photo: Thomas Aurin)

Goethe Institut: „Time to listen“

Goethe Institut: „Zeit zuzuhören“
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Reading “Little Boy – Big Taifoon”

Thu. 06 August 2020
Mainchurch St. Petri, Hamburg
 in context of “Dietrich Bonhoeffer Tage”

Hiroshima-Salon News

Little Boy – Big Taifoon

“75 years Hiroshima and Nagasaki” in Bad Kreuznach

07.03.2020 Bad Kreuznach

Since March 2019 the Lord Mayor Dr. Kaster-Meurer and the city of Bad Kreuznach have joined Mayors for Peace. This year she also signed the “Städteappell” of ICAN. Sachiko Hara is invited by her and “Aktiv für Frieden Bad Kreuznach” to stage a reading ‘Little Boy,Big Taifoon’.

Translation: Soeben Viola and Sachiko Hara henschel Schauspiel Theaterverlag Berlin

Monster Girl News

Hiroshima Monster Girl

Performance at Büchel

Days of Action by IPPNW and ICAN
July 3.-7. 2020, Büchel nuclear weapons site