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Works in 2022

Repertorie: Richard the King,

Die Räuber der Herzen,


Faust ( Schauspiel Zürich)

Neue Stücke: Die Jagdgesellschaft


Der Kirschgarten

Performances: ‘Walking on thin ice'(Pathos München)

, Kappa (Re-Edo-cate-me!,Fie Floating University Berlin)

Hiroshima-Salon: Düsseldorf Schauspielhaus

‘Hiroshima Monster Girl: ‘Unser Theater

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Kappa Performance in ‘ReEdocate me’ in Berlin!

Ein postfossiler Themenpark  in der Floating University

14.- 23.10.2022


First time in Vienna!

November 14.2021. Schauspielhaus Wien

The first Hiroshima-Salon in Vienna was great! At first,Vera von Gunten, Sophia Löffler and Til Schindler had a reading of ‘Little Boy, Big Taifoon’ of Hisashi Inoue. Then I had 4 talk-guests. Ms. Yuko Gulda, the worldfamous pianist and activist, who organized ‘Atombombe Day’ Programm every year in August, and then Ms. Kimiko Hagiwara, who worked lots with legendary componist Heinz Leber, and Fabian of ICAN explained the first meeting of states parties to the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons in Vienna 2022, and at last we had a sweet cosplayer Elena, who faszinated all of them.