Hamburg’s twin city Osaka is known in Japan for its humorous people, rich food culture and vigorous businessmen. Since 2015 the actress Sachiko Hara has been organising Osaka salons revolving around her home country Japan, alternating between performance, lecture and show. Japanese people living in Hamburg are invited as talk guests: from the former head of the Japan Club to young cosplayers. Sachiko Hara talks to them about Osaka and about their own connection to Japan and Hamburg. Tradition meets reality and fantasy, karaoke and cosplay meet traditional tea ceremonies and ikebana art, older Japanese meet young manga fans. The youth exchange programmes between the two cities is also an important topic. Sister programme: “Hamburg Salon in Osaka” 2019 marked the 35th anniversary of the Hamburg-Osaka town twinning. Therefore, Sachiko Hara has organised two Hamburg Salons in Osaka. Hamburg-Salon Side B on July 19, 2019 Performance Night ‘Wheat Rice”: As part of the Osaka Salon, Sachiko Hara has developed a special performance evening. The space consists of two ruins in two cities: One is the granary ‘Gloria Mehl’ in Hamburg, which was operating from 1920 to 1970. The other is Yamamoto Seika in Osaka, the gallery that used to be a rice cake factory until the 1980s. The performances dealt with migration, refugees, underground and nightlife in Hamburg and Osaka. Kazuhisa Uchihashi, Tintin Patrone, Alex X-tra Ta and Sachiko Hara staged a unique collaborative performance on three different floors of the gallery. Hamburg-Salon Side A on October 5, 2019 The talk show focused on the youth exchanges between the two cities. The talk guests were Noriko Wada (Japanese-German Society Osaka), Emiko Obayashi (filmmaker), Kuniko Hori (Organisation Osaka-Hamburg Youth Exchange) and the exchange children who had already visited Hamburg. The audience learned very interesting stories about Hamburg and the town twinning.



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