Little Boy, Big Taifoon

The play ‘Little Boy-Big Tyfoon” by Japanese author Hisashi Inoue celebrated its world premiere in 2008 in Japan. Sachiko Hara became attentive to the play and proposed it to Schauspiel Hannover as Hannover is Hiroshima’s twin city. The premiere at Schauspiel Hannover took place on September 18, 2010 – it was also the play’s European premiere. For this purpose, Soeren Voima (Henschel Verlag) and Sachiko Hara collaborated on the German translation, which was published in Fachmagazin Theater der Zeit, issue 10/2001. Subsequently, the play was also staged at other theatres, for example at Deutsches Theater Berlin. Furthermore, Sachiko Hara directed it herself as part of a theatre project of the Japanology department at Hamburg University. Moreover, she directed and coordinated numerous readings of the play in various cities with amateur actors. This is part of her peace work.

2020St. Petri, Hamburg
2020Büchel ICAN Aktienfest
2020Bad Kreuznach
2019Kusel Evangesiche Kirche Friedensfest
2019St-Petri Kirche in Hamburg
2019Büchel ICAN Aktientage
2017Hamburg Uni,Japanologie Abteilung (Theaterführung)
2016Hannover Schauspiel Hiroshima-Salon
2015Hannover Schauspiel Hiroshima-Salon
2015Teatr Powszechny Warschau Polen,Hiroshima-Salon
2014Hannover Haus der Religion
2014Hannover Pavillon Hiroshima-Salon
2013Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg ‘Hiroshima-Salon Hamburg’
2013Hannover Volkshochschule Theodor-Lessing-Saal
2010Premiere Hannover Schauspielhaus