• Interview by Goethe-Institut Japan
  • Hiroshima-Salon Online Ep.2
    Hiroshima-Salon Online Ep.1. ‘Sister cities and worldpeace’ with Mr.Herbert Schmalstieg.
  • Hiroshima-Salon Online started! Hiroshima Salon Online – Episode 1‘Sister cities and world peace’ Guest: Herbert Schmalstieg
  • Sachiko plays in Salzburg!
    Sachiko plays in ‘Richard the King’ in Salzburg Festspiele 2021, co-produktion with Deutsche Schauspielhaus Hamburg.
  • Premiere postponed
    The premiere of two pieces J’accuse! by René Pollesch andDie Räuber der Herzen (The Robbers of Hearts) by […]
  • Season 2020/21
    Sachiko Hara is back as part of the ensemble of Schauspielhaus Hamburg.The new play ‘Die Räuber der Herzen‘ has […]
  • Goethe Institut: „Time to listen“
    13.07.2020Goethe Institut: „Zeit zuzuhören“
  • Reading “Little Boy – Big Taifoon”
    Thu. 06 August 2020Mainchurch St. Petri, Hamburg in context of “Dietrich Bonhoeffer Tage”
  • Little Boy – Big Taifoon
    “75 years Hiroshima and Nagasaki” in Bad Kreuznach 07.03.2020 Bad Kreuznach Since March 2019 the Lord Mayor Dr. […]
  • Hiroshima Monster Girl
    Performance at Büchel Days of Action by IPPNW and ICANJuly 3.-7. 2020, Büchel nuclear weapons site